FRESNO, Calif., April 15— Large doses of tranquilizers had been prescribed for a sheriff's sergeant involved in a collision that killed three Secret Service agents riding ahead of a motorcade for Queen Elizabeth II, a Federal investigator says in court documents.
Papers filed at Federal District Court asserted that Sgt. Roderic Sinclair of the Mariposa County Sheriff's force received more than 1,250 doses of Seconal and other drugs in a two-year period, including March 5, 1983, the day of the accident.
The affidavit was filed by Raymond A. Conner, a Federal drug investigator, in support of a request for a search warrant to examine the prescription records of Dr. Arthur H. Dahlem of Mariposa.
Mr. Conner concluded he had probable cause to believe that Dr. Dahlem gave drugs to Sergeant Sinclair and two other people without medical need. No charges were filed.
The highway patrol concluded that Sergeant Sinclair was driving 72 miles an hour when his patrol car hit the agents' car head-on.
Mariposa County, which faces $12 million in wrongful death claims, found no grounds for criminal prosecution of Sergeant Sinclair.

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