MIKE DOUGHERTY- Fatally Wounded?=======

Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA
Thursday, 25 Jan 1872

TRAGIC AFFAIR on the UPPER FRESNO -- Mariposa 'Gazette' --
A desperate and probably mutually fatal affray occurred at a rancheria, a few miles from Nat HARBERT's place, in Fresno county, on Wednesday last, between an Irishman by the name of Mike DOUGHERTY and an Indian. The particulars, as given by an Italian who came in to Mariposa the next day for a surgeon, are as follows: The Indian had robbed DOUGHERTY's camp twice, on the last occasion setting it afire. On Wednesday morning DOUGHERTY, being intoxicated, started for the Indian rancheria for the avowed purpose of killing the offender. An encounter occurred, DOUGHERTY shooting the Indian first, his ball taking effect in the stomach, and the Indian, who was also armed, knocking his assailant down and shooting him in the head. Both men were alive when our informant left - Wednesday; but he is of the opinion that there is a very slim chance for their recovery. On his way to Mariposa night overtook him and he got lost; which delayed his arrival that day. We shall probably learn the result next week. DOUGHERTY formerly worked at the Princeton mine, and was considered a quiet and inoffensive man.

transcribed by Dee S.