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Claims Located and Proof of Labor

Mariposa Gazette Feb 10, 1910


Taken from the Record to the Office of the County Recorder
The following locations have been recorded. Date located, locator,
name of mine, district:

January 1, 1910

A. J. RAMSDEN, Virginia Hill,; Buckeye

Jos'p SCHLAGETER, Golden Gate; Quartzburg

W. A. SPENCE, Keystone; Coulterville

Chas. ROUSE, Bonanza; Coulterville

W. C. WALKER, San Miguel, San Domingo, San Antone, San Fernando;

W. C. WALKER, San Isabella, San Patrico, San Phillippi, San Jose, San
Diego, San Rafael, San Louis, San Juan; Bull Creek

January 2, 1910
Sam LORD, Double Jac; Quartzburg

J. D. FORAN, Union Leader; Whitlock

January 10, 1910
Geo. C. MENTZER, Manzanita; Dogtown

January 14, 1910
Wm. WARNER and Jack PANCHU. Dutch Creek; Coulterville

January 18, 1910
R. F. REYNOLDS, Lorraine; Sherlock

January 26, 1910
A. H. BOWIE, Monta Vista; Sherlock

January 31, 1910

E. P YAGER, Dick & Joe; Mariposa

PROOF OF LABOR- Mariposa Gazette, Feb 10, 1910
taken from the Records in the Office of the County Recorder.
Proof of labor on the following mining claims has been filed for the year 1909. Name on mine, mining district and by whom given.

Lena; Quartzburz-Louis CAMPODONICO

Spread Eagle; Whitlock- Nick MULLINS

Ophir, Central, Rocker; Coulterville-Frank DEMARTINI

Grub, Sunshine, Flat Nugett, Sunnyside, St. Louis, Reagan, Golden Gate, Dusenberry; Whitlock-Albert AUSTIN

Lucky Strike, Hidden Treasure, Rattler, Sunshade, Little Utica; Bull Creek-Edward J. MAHONEY

Swastika; Coulterville-John L DEXTER

Greenhorn, Mineral King; Colorado-C. T. HARTLEY

Bonanza King, GOlden Hedge; Coulterville-W. J. PATTERSON

Southern Stone placer, Building Stone placere and Little Judge quartz; Coultervile-A. H. WARD

Two tunnel claims; Horseshoe Bend- W. M. TURNER

Acme; Coulterville- Emma WHITMAN

Peg Leg and Bird; Coulterville- E. B. PINE

Union; Coulterville- W. W. HILLIARD