Merced Express, February 21, 1891

The Story of the Suicide of
Samuel Ransome.

Samuel Ransome, of Mariposa county, shot and killed himself Tuesday last at White Rock, twenty miles east of Merced. He had been sick and it is supposed that his mind was deranged. The following is the romantic story of his life as told by one of his friends: Three years ago Samuel Ransome, then a resident of Arizona, advertised in a Tucson paper for a wife. A young lady residing in Mariposa county, Miss Connie McClure, in a spirit of mischief, answered the notice, having seen the paper by accident. But Ransome meant business. He was wealthy and lonely and came direct to Merced where he made inquiries as to the residence of Miss McClure.

He reached her father's farm the next day after leaving Merced and astonished the family, and particularly the young lady that wrote the letter, by announcing his name and business. He was young, good looking and wealthy, the young lady suited him, and Ransome, himself, was the sort of a man to take the eye of the fair sex. At all events they were married the next day and left at once for Arizona.

They lived happily there until the birth of a child, whose coming into the world cost Mrs. Ransome her life. Ransome brought the infant to Mariposa, and placed it with the grandparents, where it now is. He engaged in the stock business in the neighborhood and was liked by every one, but his love for his dead wife was sincere and he never recovered his spirits.

Last Tuesday morning he complained of feeling very badly, having had an attack of la grippe. A brother-in-law having had occasion to pass his house, noticed Ransome lying down. Calling him and receiving no answer, he approached nearer, and found him with a 44-caliber Smith & Wesson pistol in his hand and a bullet hole in his temple. He was still alive and gasping for breath, but died a few minutes later.

His child is now two years of age, and as far as known is his only heir. There appears to have been no reason whatever for the suicide, aside from the deep grief of deceased over the loss of his wife.

submitted by Tom Hilk