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Jacob Lewis dedicated this land when his infant daughter Mary died in 1861. She was the first person buried in this cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of burials- there are wooden markers that are unreadable.
This survey by Carol Lackey, August 2004 except where otherwise noted

NOTE: this recent entry for Darell Waller was contributed, May, 2006
           " Darell Dean Waller "
   Born:  April 18 - 1936
   Place:  Turlock, CA
    Died:  May 31 - 2001
   Place:  Cathy's Valley, CA

   Burial:  White Rock Cemetery ( Spread His Ashes June 9 - 2001 inside the
cement plot where all The Waller's are buried)
   His Father & Mother :  Harry Albert Waller & Bertha Adline (Reid) Waller
   His Grand parents:       Edward Albert Waller & Margaret (Christensen) Waller
His Great Grand parents:  Albert Waller & Sarah (Davenport) Waller

Stephen Dudley Bennett husband of Ann Dorsett (Appling) father of John Bennett
born 8/12/1822 died 11/10/1904

Ann Dorsett Bennett wife of Stephen Bennett sister of Cicero Appling
born 9/20/1825 died 12/7/1876

John Mitchell Crawford Bennett son of Stephen Bennett husband of Maria Bennett
born 2/6/1854 died 5/31/1919

Maria Bennett daughter of Catherine (Probasco) and Schmidt wife of John Mitchell Crawford Bennett born 4/17/1859 died 8/21/1912

Della McClaron daughter of Maria and John Bennett wife of E. V. McClaron
born 4/22/1884 died 2/20/1906

Bessie Laiblin the daughter of Maria and John Bennett and the wife of Charles Laiblin died 6/5/1907

Lela Plaskett daughter of Maria and John Bennett wife of James William Plaskett
born 5/22/1879 died 6/8/1904

Hilton Herman Bennett son of Maria and John Bennett born 1883 died 9/5/1905

Ivar Luke Bennett born 8/12/1954 died 10/28/1998

BRIAN JOHN BENNETT Army - SGT - E5 born 11/03/1949- died Aug 15, 1970-

Rufus Hughes son of Elizabeth and Michael Hughes born 1870 died 1948

Catherine Hughes daughter of Maria and John Bennett wife of Rufus Hughes
born 1887 died 1964

Elizabeth Orme wife of Michael Hughes and John Orme mother of Rufus Hughes
born 8/20/1836 died 6/4/1919

Jacob Lewis son of John and Mahala Lewis Eliza Lewis daughter Tippett
 husband of Eliza wife of Jacob Lewis
born 1823 died 1902 born 1822 died 1899
On Headstone: Rest Dear Parents  in thy Heavenly Home

Marcus Lewis the husband of Mary Pratt Lewis son of Jacob and Eliza Lewis
born 9/28/1848 died 11/20/1877

Mary Lewis daugther of Jacob and Eliza Lewis
born 5/4/1861 died 7/11/1861
The first person buried in the cemetery.

Augustus Conway Smith husband of Nancy Ellen Smith
born 11/23/1832 died 11/19/1913

Nancy Ellen Smith daughter of Jacob and Eliza Lewis wife of Augustus Smith
born 3/25/1846 died 6/30/1877
Sacred to our Mother

William H. Smith son of Gus and Nancy Smith
born 5/21/1862 died 12/27/1896

Walter Smith son of James and Alice (Pratt) Smith(both parent buried in Bakersfield)
born 2/24/1895 died 1/27/1913

Wiley A. Smith son of James and Alice (Pratt)Smith
born 1/26/1893 died 10/9/1906

James Smith husband of Alice (Pratt) son of Augustus and Nancy Smith
born 8/8/1868 died 1/4/1943
Note headstone here but both him and Alice are buried in Bakersfield Kern Co CA
Sarah Alice Smith wife of James Smith daughter of Joseph and Nancy (Callahan(m) Pratt
born 12/17/1870 died 12/8/1960

Ada May Miller born 1887 died 4/ 22/1897

Oran Ralph Helm son of Allen and Nina Helm
born 4/15/1894 died 1/10/1898
Allen Newell Helm son of Allen and Nina Helm
born 11/18/1883 died 10/1/1902
double headstone with Oran

Eva Helm daughter of Charles and Pricilla Helm
born 1880 died 8/3/1880 2 months 19 days

Bennie Waller son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Waller
born 12/14/1888 died 11/14/1890

Ed A. Waller son of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Waller age 29 died 1910

Louisa Walker born 1852 died 8/17/1911 the mother of Leathea Walker Wilcox

Albert Waller born 5/20/1864 died 6/12/1921

Joseph D. Waller born 5/20/1900 died 7/28/1900

Howard Waller born 12/28/1878 died 4/12/1910

Abraham Gann son of William and Elmira Gann died January 25, 1921 aged 61 years, 4 months, 21 days

Elmira Gann wife of William Gann born 1850 died 12/9/1920

Elias Newton Gann husband of Altha Ana (Brown) Gann son of Andrew Jackson and Rebecca (Barker) Gann born April 2, 1845 died December 9, 1923

Altha Ana Gann wife of Elias Gann daughter of Jeremiah and Martha Brown born 11/14/1851 died May 3, 1929

Ernest Robinson grandson of Elias Gann son of Sarah Frances (Gann) and Frank Robinson
died 3/6/1920

Kate Ann Gann wife of Henry Wilson Gann daughter of Cicero Walthal and Martha Jane Appling born April 29, 1877 died 3/21/1914 mother of fifteen children

infant son Gann son of Kate and Henry Gann born March 22, 1914 lived two hours

Ida May Gann infant daughter of Kate and Henry Gann born May 15, 1907 died June 15, 1907

Mrs. Frank Harvey daughter of E. N. and Altha Gann born 1890 died May 25/1914 wife of Frank Harvey

infant Gann son of Mr. and Mrs. Gann aged two weeks born Dec. 13, 1901

John Monroe born 1825 died June 13, 1895

James McDermott died July 23, 1895

Sumner infant son of Frank Sumner died Dec 2, 1909 age 3 years eight months 21 days

Mrs. Sumner wife of Frank Sumner died Oct 9, 1906 age of 60 years 8 months and 15 days

Thomas Jefferson Jones husband of Cleopatra Jones born May 13,1828 died June 28, 1918

Cleopatra Jones wife of Thomas Jones
born June 12, 1840 died June 4, 1912

May Smyer born 1854 died 11/30/1921

Frederick William Holt born 1823 died 1/13/1922

Samuel Allen Roffle born 1862 died 3/14/1918

Ray Preston son of Effie and Emmet Preston
born 9/8/1914 died 4/28/2004