, California
History and Genealogy Research
Mariposa County, California
survey by Carol Lackey

This cemetery is located on the family homestead and is not available to the public.

Will of John Workman Probasco

Charlotte Hall Probasco b. 1807- d. 1879
John Workman Probasco b.1804-d.1895
double headstone
Bernice Probasco Waller 1878- d. 1908

Sarah Ann Orme Probasco b. 1856 - d. 1902
Jacob Probasco b. 1836 - died 1929
double headstone

Bernice Probasco Waller
b. 1878- d. 1908

Effie LaVerne Preston Olive  b. 3/4/1920 d.10/10/1985

second row
small headstone Baby of Jacob and Sarah Ann Probasco no dates

small headstone Baby no dates or name

third row
Most of these headstones are wood, can't read dates.

Rhoda Delia Probasco  b. 1/19/1895 d. 10/ 26/1906

Frankie Herbert Probasco b. 1877 d. before 1880

Aldace Wesley Probasco b. 11/23/1889 d. 11/3/1915

Henry Arthur Probasco b. 2/22/1876 d. 6/18/1894

Eugene Lester Probasco b. 11/1880 d. 3/1898

Walter Workman Probasco b. 8/30/1879 d. before 1900

Henry Workman Probasco Sr. b. 3/8/1845 
d. 12/26/1906

Fourth row
Samuel DeMoss b. 11/17/1819 
Sarah DeMoss b. 1/19/1828 d. 8/14/1861
double headstone

Calvin Loooney Preston b.May 1847 d. 2/28/1927 a son of Joseph and Sarah Preston was 80 at time of death

Joseph Preston b. 2/22/1816 d. 4/5/1890

Sarah "Aunt Sally" Preston b. 1822 d. 3/11/1902

Sarah Probasco Hughes b. 10/12/1854 d.4/22/1953

white stone 

Elva Probasco Justin b. 9/11/1885 d.10/22/1960

There are three people buried on the Probasco Preston property in a small enclosed cemetery not located in this cemetery. They are the children of Samuel and Sarah DeMoss:
Martin Van Buren DeMoss b. 3/29/1844 d. 7/28/1923
Charlotte Ann DeMoss Dozier Kelly b. 8/8/1852 
d. 5/21/1911
Jacob Probasco DeMoss b. 1/1/1855 d. 2/16/1935

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