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photo submitted by Carol Lackey
 County CA census 1880 for the family of Sebastian Deatsch

Sabastian DEATSCH Self M Male W 36 ALSASE Farmer ALSASE ALSASE
Sarah DEATSCH Wife M Female W 36 PA Keeping House PA PA
Charles DEATSCH Son S Male W 4 CA At Home ALSASE PA

Sebastian Deatsch born Alsace France to Sebastian Deatsch and Anna Maria Sheuer Brisller

Note for Sebastian

born August 3, 1842 died Feb 20, 1909 Modesto Cal

DEATSCH, Sebastian F. February 27, 1909 Mariposa Gazette

Death of an Old Resident.

Sebastian F. DEATSCH died in Modesto last Saturday. He was a well known and highly esteemed resident of Mariposa county for many years and had many friends and acquaintances in Merced. He was a native of France and came to this county when a boy, and in 1875 came to Merced, where he lived a year and then went to Mariposa county, when he went to Modesto, where one of his sons resides and where he was under medical treatment. His age at the time of her death was 66 years, 5 months and 17 days. His occupation was farming and stock raising, which he carried on extensively, some of his sons being associated in the business in recent years. The family home is at Lewis, Mariposa county. Mr. DEATSCH was a very robust and active man until his health failed a year ago. He took a deep interest in the public affairs of the county and community in which he lived and where he was a man of influence. Until the building of the Valley railroad (the Santa Fe) and the establishment of the town of Le Grand, he and his sons were frequent visitors to Merced, which was their shipping point and trading place. Deceased is well remembered by many Merced people. The cause of his death was heart failure due to dropsy. He leaves a wife, six sons and a daughter. Two sons live in Modesto, J. L. and A. S.; two in Lewis, C. D. and R. C. ; and two in Arizona, W. E. and H. L., and a daughter in Richmond, Mrs. Mary F. GROSJEAN.
The funeral took place in Merced yesterday afternoon, religious services were held at the undertaking parlors and Rev. O. S. RUSSELL, pastor of the North Methodist church at Modesto, officiating. The members of the family and friends were present. Internment was in the Odd Fellows cemetery. A reinforced concrete vault was commented on, thus making an air and water tight and indestructible enclosure for the coffin.- Merced Star, Feb. 25.

DEATSCH, Sebastin Fabian March 6, 1909 Mariposa Gazette


On The Death of Sebastin Fabian DEATSCH of Whiterock.

Sebastin Fabian DEATSCH was born in Elsis, France, August 3, 1842 and died in Modesto, Calif., Feb. 20, 1909 after a life of 66 years and 17 days.
More than 66 years of busy life closed upon earth forever. In the death of our fellow citizen the last page of another life is written- written and passed to us not for criticism but that we may be profited by his commendable traits of character.
Every life is a contribution to the school room of humanity and poor indeeed is that student who cannot profit by a view of every life.
Mr. DEATSCH came to America at the age of twelve years. He lived in Chicago about two years and then went to Iowa, which state he left in 1862, going to Denver, Colo. Later he went to Nebraska City in the state of Nebraska where he was married December 18, 1866 to Miss Sarah ERWIN.
Mr. and Mrs. DEATSCH came to California in 1875 and settled in Mariposa county in the fall of 1876. This was his home for the remainder of his life.
In the last year of his life Mr. DEATSCH was a patient sufferer. The disease at last became so aggravated that in January 190 he with Mrs. DEATSCH went to Modesto to be near medical aid. All that medical skill, and all that loving hands could od was done for his comfort, but life could not be prolonged. He retired the evening of the 19th feeling better than usual. It was not known at what moment the end came. He was found about 1 o'clock, the indications being that while he peacefully slept the tired heart ceased to beat and without a struggle his weary body found rest.
In his decease the state loses a valued citizen and home loses a kind and devoted husband and father.
He loved his home and his children. Their love and that of a devoted wife made home a pleasant spot. No life can be ill spent that is mostly spent in its sacred precincts. He lives well who lives at home. The strength of empire is not, as some may think, in good laws, as essential as they may be. It is not in the efficiency of its army or navy, nor yet is it in the vastness of its material resources; nor even in the extent of its phianthroic work; but the nations strength resides in the manhood that composes its citizenship. This citizenship is not possible without home life. But he is gone; and we gather flowers of tribute on his silent form. He shall move no more among us, or greet us in the walks of life. We bid him farewell, trusting that his noble traits of character will be repeated in the lives of those who call him father, and praying that the comfort and consolation of the compassionate Christ may rest ever on the bereaved. He is survived by the wife, Mrs. Sarah K. DEATSCH, and the following children: John L., Albert S., Charles B., Wm. E. Henry L. and Rollen C. DEATSCH and Mrs. Mary Grosjean. O. L. RUSSELL.

Married Sarah Erwin on December 18, 1866 in Nebraska

Note for Sarah:Sarah Katura Erwin was born Dec 18, 1842 Ellmsport Lycoming PA and died Dec 11, 1915 Modesto Ca

DEATSCH, Mrs. Sarah December 16, 1916 Mariposa Gazette


Mrs. SARAH DEATSCH, aged 74 years, died last evening at a local sanitarium after a long illness. The body is at the undertaking parlors of Bowker, Wood and Shannon pending funeral arrangements.
Mrs. Sarah K. DEATSCH was born in Pennsylvania. With her late husband she came to California in 1875 and settled in Merced county. After a few years spent in Merced county, the family moved to Lewis, Mariposa county, where she resided until seven years ago. Since that time she has made her home in Modesto with her son, A. S. DEATSCH.
Surviving members of the family are J. L. DEATSCH, Richmond: A. S. DEATSCH, Modesto; C. B. DEATSCH, Lewis; Mrs. L. H. GROSJEAN, Richmond; W. E. and H. L. DEATSCH, Wickensberg, Arizona, and R. C. DEATSCH, Corcoran, California.- Merced Sun, Dec. 12th.


1. John L. Deatsch born 10/15/1869 died 4/6/1946 Alameda

2. Albert S. Deatsch

Note for Albert

Married July 16, 1898 Mariposa Gazette

DEATSCH- WALKER- In Merced, July 10, 1898, by Rev. M. C. JOHNSON, A. S. DETSCH of White Rock, and Miss Bessie WALKER of Mariposa.

3. Charles B. Deatsch

Born December 6, 1913 Mariposa Gazette

DEATSCH- In Merced, November 29, 1913, to the wife of C. B. DEATSCH, a daughter

4. William E. Deatsch

note for William E.

DEATSCH-BROWNING October 22, 1910 Mariposa Gazette

Popular Couple Wed.

One of those occasional weddings which everybody approves of occurred in Phoenix on Sunday afternoon last, the principals in this affair being Wm. E. DEATSCH and Miss Josephine BROWNING, both of Wickenburg. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Jas. E. CRUTCHFIELD, presiding elder of the M. E. Church South, at the parsonage and was witnessed by a number of intimate friends of the contracting parties. Mr. and Mrs. DEATSCH returned on the even-train and took up their permanent residence in Wickenburg.
Mr. DEATSCH has been connected with the Brayton Commercial Co. during the past two years and is one of the rising young business men of the town. When the municipal government was organized a few week ago he was one of the men selected by Governor SLOAN as alderman-at-large, and he has always taken a sincere and public spirited interest in the affairs of the town.
Wickenburg never had a more charming or popular young lady than Miss BROWNING. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. BROWNING, of Chanute, Kansas, and for three successive years has been chosen as the primary teacher in the Wickenburg public schools, where she has endeared herself to the children of the town, as well as to the patrons of the school.
While the engagement of the popular couple was a matter of public knowledge, it had been generally supposed that the wedding would not occur until early next summer. However, Miss BROWNING'S 22d birthday happened to occur Sunday, nd her affianced prevailed upon her to call it "skidoo" as far as her single life was concerned.
If Mr. and Mrs. DEATSCH are favored with one-half the blessings that this community wishes them their married life will certainly be a long, happy and prosperous one. - Wickenburg, (Ariz.) Miner, Oct. 15.

5. Henry L. Deatsch

note for Henry L. Deatsch

DEATSCH- ERWIN August 24, 1907 Mariposa Gazette

Married in Modesto.

Henry L. DEATSCH, of Lewis, Mariposa county and Miss Bessie M. ERWIN, of Pasadena, were married at the home of the bridegroom's brother, John DEATSCH, on Sixth street, at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by Rev. William ACTON, of the South Methodist Church. Only- the intimate friends of the family were present, yet many very handsome presents were received. Dinner was served immediately after the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. DEATSCH left on the afternoon train for Fresno and Madera

6. Rollen (Roland) C. Deatsch

born 12/16/1884 died 5/2/1944 Alameda

married Rosa L Brewer born 8/24/1882 died 5/24/1966 Alameda

Note or Roland:

DEATSH-BREWER September 27, 1913 Mariposa Gazette

A marriage license was issued on Thursday of last week to Roland C. DEATSCH of Lewis and Miss Rosa L. BREWER of Raymond.


DEATSCH7. Mary Frances Deatsch. married Louis Harvey Grosjean

GROSJEAN, Alice Mildred November

r 18, 1916 Mariposa Gazette

Alice Mildred GROSJEAN, aged 14 years, grand daughter of Mrs. S. K. DEATSCH, 1015 Seventh street, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. GROSJEAN, of Richmond, died at 10:30 o'clock last night at 601 I street, where she had been living since May in a vain search for health.
Deceased was born in Mariposa county, April 24, 1902, and most of her life was spent in that and Contra Costa Count. She had been a student in the schools of both Richmond and Vallejo and was a favorite among her fellow students. She is survived by one sister, *****, her parents and other relatives on the Coast and in the east. Modesto News, Nov. 10.
The funeral was held on Thursday, internment being in Sunset View Cemetery, near Richmond.