The photo is the site of the old WEBB station- photo taken July 2001- by Carolyn Feroben

 Joe Webb - Webb Station, Merced-Coulterville Road
This photo coutesty of the Northern Mariposa County History Center- digitilization project

 To Webb Station April 7, 1900 Mariposa Gazette submitted by William Disbro

  On one of the fairest days of last week, we, contrary to our usual
mode of travel, rode down the Merced and Coulterville road by way of
Pleasant Valley with Prof. DeYOE as far as Webb's Station. The scenery
on this road at this time of the year is unrivaled for its
picturesqueness. The different shades of green from pale to dark, the
million wild blossoms of every hue and the wild ruggedness of the
mountain scenery changing at every turn of its serpentine windings
cannot be surpassed. Across the canyon on Maxwell's creek we could see
the new constructed ditch and flume of the Columbus mine, and the
recently constructed buildings of the company. The Buffalo Bill mine, an
extension of the Columbus, is on Maxwell's creek way below the road. A
huge dike of rock for miles marks the course of these quartz ledges. At
the foot of the mountain is the DANARI farm. This is one of the county's
finest farms and is noted for its fine wines and brandies. The next
place on the road is the ranch of Antone RIHN. Baxter's post office is
at this place. Mr. RIHN contributes a large proportion of the school
census as he has a large family. Then we continue down the hill until
Pleasant Valley is reached. This is a small valley on the Merced river
at its junction with Piney creek. In its early days Pleasant Valley was
quite a town; rich gold diggings, fandango houses and all the wild
paraphernalia of those days once embellished this now quiet valley. An
old pioneer by the name of SPANGLER and John BARFIELD and wife comprise
the city's inhabitants. Mr. BARFIELD owns the old Murray mine at the
upper end of the valley. This mine is promising to be a gold producer. A
quartz mill will soon be erected and development work will be continued
on the ledge. The ore assays between fifteen and twenty dollars per ton.
The VARAIN family owns the valley proper. From the valley the road leads
to Big Flat and considerably skyward. The county is changing the road on
the flat cutting out a very rough piece of road and lessening the
distance to a considerable extent. After crossing 49 gap the Pleasant
Valley schoolhouse is the first object. This school is taught by Miss
Louise PENDOLA. Miss PENDOLA is a Mariposa county teacher by birth and
education and has of course inherited all the qualities of the Mariposa
school maams that evoke eulogies of every speaker when standing in their
august presence. The Pleasant Valley school district is lucky in having
such an efficient teacher. Miss Pendola has taught school nine years and
in that time has used the magic wand- hickory - but twice. She has an
attendance of twenty and teaches all grades to the ninth. We notice but
one peculiarity about this district, and that was a stick notched in a
peculiar way. We imagine it was some lovelorn Romeo who has a method of
fixing dates. The key that unlocked the mystery was hid in the heart of
some fair Juliet, whose soul is attuned to the music of love's
delightful misery. Webb's Station was our stopping place for the night.
This is a beautiful place in the midst of a large oak grove. The stages
stop at this place for dinner and no one who has ever has a meal at
Webb's forgets it, and we are always glad to stop again. W.F.R.

November 23, 2002
photo of Joe Webb added 3/02/04