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Newman Jones is a California lawyer with a wide experience in general practice in a number of counties.  For the last nine years

his time has been fully taken up in corporation law as attorney for the Southern Sierras Company, and his duties and character make him
one of the citizens of high standing at Riverside. Mr. Jones by an interval of of eighteen months only escaped being a
native son of California.  His father, Lewis F. Jones, was a California forty-niner.  He was born in Petersburg, New York, and
sailed around Cape Horn in 1849 in search of golden treasure.  After some adventures in the mining regions he returned East and married,
and in the fall of 1854 brought his little family to California.  His son Newman Jones was born at Pawlett in Rutland County Vermont, May 8,
1853.  The wife of Lewis F. Jones was Sarah Allen, a native of Vermont and of an old American family, like her husband,  She died in
1909.  (see bio of Julia Jones, sister of Newman)

Lewis F. Jones on returning to California continued his active mining interest until 1861, when he was elected County Judge of Mariposa
County, and at the expiration of his term as such he entered upon the practice of the law and practiced in Mariposa County and achieved
something more than local prominence there and over the state.  He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1879.

Newman Jones acquired his early education in the public schools of Mariposa County.  His law studies were pursued in his fathers  office, and when he reached the age of twenty-one he was admitted to the bar and took up the practice of the law in Mariposa County,
where he resided until 1889, after which he practiced at Fresno and Los Angles and elsewhere in the sate.

In 1912 Mr. Jones was appointed attorney for the Southern Sierras Company,  and since 1913 has bee performing his duties for the
company at Riverside.  He is a republican in politics and served two terms as district attorney in Mariposa county.

September 21, 1895, at Hanford California, Mr. Jones married Miss Lelia Park.  She was born in Tennessee , her father, Rev, Andrew G.
Park, being a Methodist minister.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones have three children, Vera, Laura and James Carlton Chase Jones.

transcribed from : History of San Bernadino and Riverside Counties, published 1922
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