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History of Merced County, California : with a biographical review of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present
Los Angeles, Calif.: Historic Record Co., 1925, 903 pgs.

: submitted by Sharon DULCICH

One who has taken advantage of the opportunities that have come in his way, and when the opportunities were not coming has made some, is J. B. DULCICH,
the owner of a sixteen and one-half acre ranch in the Second Bradley addition of Merced, which he acquired by purchase in 1908. It is not a large ranch,
but developed as he is doing it, into orchard and vineyard, it will furnish a comfortable livelihood whenever he may wish to retire from other business.

Though of foreign parentage, Mr. Dulcich is a native of California, born in Hunter's Valley, Mariposa County, July 9 1883, the youngest of two sons born
to George and Adelaide (SPAGNOLI) Dulcich. His brother, Jacamore, died when eleven months old. His father, was born in Jugo Slavia and died at his home
in Merced January 8, 1914. The mother was born in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, and died in Hunter's Valley in 1903. The father left home at the age of
twenty and went to sea and, after traveling the seven seas of the world, left his ship at San Francisco in 1861, went to Stockton on a river boat, and by
stage from there to the home of his cousin near Hornitos, crossing the ferry at Merced Falls. For twelve years he worked in the Washington Mine. He became
a naturalized citizen and a prominent figure in mining circles.

In 1873 he took up Government land in Hunter's Valley, built a house there and engaged in stock and fruit production, planting one fo the earliest orchards in that
section. It proved a wonderful success and he won the esteem of his fellow men and had a wide circle of friends. The property was held till his death,
when his son sold it in accordance with a plan of his father's.

The mother came out to California in 1868, preceded by her brothers, Joseph and Valentine SPAGNOLIi, both prominent Swiss-Americans at the time of their
death, the oldest having come to California in 1849.

J. B. DULCICH received a good education in the Hunter Valley school then attended by some twenty pupils. At sixteen years of age he took up ranch work with his father and remained at home till he was twenty-three. He was married at Merced to Miss Eloise N. WICKHAM, born at West Point, Calaveras County. Her father was a poineer miner of that place and lost his life in a mine catastrophe. Her mother then married Winfield Scott McSWAIN and resides in the Bradley
addition. They have four children: Harold; Verna, a student in the Merced High School; Orval; and Elma.

Mr DULCICH is a member of Merced Camp, W. O. W. He left the home ranch to work for the Exchequer Mine and Power Company at Exchequer, and three years later he went to the BARRETT ranch at Merced Falls, where he was occupied until 1913. He then moved to Merced, and in 1915
came to his own ranch property. Besides his ranching he was in the employ of the Standard Oil Company for three years and delivered oil throughout Merced County with a horse-drawn vehicle; in 1918 he entered the employ of the Associated Oil Company of Merced and with motor vehicles covered forty miles a day, going as far as Chowchilla, Madera County.

Mr. DULCICH holds the high esteem of his fellow men and his family is well and favorably know, their home being the center of many happy and social

posted May 17, 2001