Mariposa Gazette , Feb 10, 1910

News, Notes and Personal Mention of the Past Week

J F THORN of this town is on the sick list

G E QUICK of Ben Hur was at the county seat Monday

Asa PROUTY and wife went to Mr Bullion Tuesday afternoon

Mrs G M LOGAN of Indian Peak was a Mariposa visitor Saturday

Frank DEMARTINIof Coulterville, was a business visitor to the county seat Friday of last week

Dr H E MINOR of the H E MINOR Drug Company was in San Francisco for several days this week

Thr four younger children of Mr and Mrs W H LOWRIE of Mariposa are down with the measles

Frank HALSTEAD came up from Bagby Saturday night and is employed as millman in the Mariposa mill

William J PATTERSON has been apppointed postmaster at Kinsley, this county, vise A SHAW resigned

R L OBARR is attending to the duties of the County Treasurer's during the illness of County Treasurer COUNTS

R L OBARR came up from Los Angeles last Saturday evening, being called here by the illiness of his uncle  S P O COUNTS

Sheriff PROUTY went to Stockton last Tuesday having in charge Geo W CAIN , SR who was committed to the insane asylum in that city

George W CAIN Sr., 87 years of age was adjudged insame by the Lunacy Commission last Monday and was committed to the Stockton State hospital by Judge TRABUCCO

Mrs S ALSANSON and Mrs K DUNCAN of Ukiah, sisters of S P O COUNTS  are in Mariposa and at the bedside of their sick brother

Bert Lewis has moved his mother, sister and brother to Stockton where they will reside in the future.  They left Mariposa Wednesday morning

George E DAVIS has torn down the old M. E.  pasonage in Mariposa and is this week engagted in hualing the lumber to to his Cathey' Valley ranch.

A raffle for a fine quilt, put up by Mrs. G M KALER  teacher of the Indain Peack school, held the lucky number -57

V A SOLARI of Jamestown, son of N SOLARI of Indian gulch this county, has taken charge of the Willow hotel in Jamestown and will conduct the same on a first class basis

Mrs E CAMIN had the misfortune to step on a nail Friday of last week, that caused a painful and dangerous woulnd,  She was under the care of Dr KYLBERG seceral days.

Remember next Friday nitgh (Feb 11th) is the date of the grand ball to be given at Whiterock.  Arragements have been made for all who attend a good time.

Mrs W S ZELLER of Palo ALto, arrived in Mariposa Tuesday eneeening .  Mrs ZELLER is a sister of Mrs S P O COUNTS was was called here by the serious illness of the latter's husband.

John TRABUCCO, the Mariposa merchant, went to San Francisco yesterday, being called there on account of the illness of his wife.  A telephone messagf received said Mrs TRABUCCO had stood the operation well and was improving.

Barnard KANE and wife were in from Darrah Thursday

Frank VIGNOLO returned lasst week from a visit to Fresno

Mrs H. ARTRU has been quie ill the past week with la grippe

Walter THATCHER was in from Indian Peak the first of the week

Jo FISHER is driving delivery wagon for the CAMIN grocery house

 The Laidies' Aid will meet at the home of Mrs KYLBERG on February 10

Tuesday last a pack horse in W M BRICE's pack train fell over a cliff and was killed

S W DICKINSON, a prominent business man of Le Grand was a Mariposa visitor Thursday

The restaurant of M S ALARID in the Capital saloon building, will be open  only  on Wednesday and Saturday until further notice.

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