E.W. BUFFUM was born in Walpole, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, November 8, 1830. He attended the school of his native place and the academy until 1849, when he entered Harvard Law School, and graduated in the class of 1851. He afterward studied law with Fredrick VOSE, in Walppole and was admitted to the bar in Cheshire County, in 1852.

He left New York City, January 20, 1853, for California, on the steamer Northern Light;came via Nicaragua, and took the steamer Independence at San Juan del Sur, the fourth day of February.

At about 5 0'clock Wednesday morning, the sixteenth day of February, the Independence was wrecked off the south point of Marguerita Island. Mr BUFFUM succeeded in reaching the island by means of a plank, and remaind upon the island until about six-o'clock the following Friday. He was taken on board the whaleship Meteor, Captain Jeffries, then at anchor in the Bay of Magdalena, and sailed out of the bay the third day of March, and arrived at San Francisco the thirty-first day of March- seventy days from New York City.

He engaged in mining at Auburn, Placer County, in 1853, and part of 1854, and was partially successful.

He came to Mariposa County in the summer of 1854, and afterward engaged in building water ditch to the mines, and in stock-raising and farming. He entered into partnership with N.S. STOCKTON (BUFFUM AND STOCKTON) in 1854; and their operations are mentioned further on (see N.S. STOCKTON BIO-)

Mr BUFUM has held the office of Supervisor since 1874. He was re-elected in 1877, and again in 1880, and holds the office now. We can say nothing stronger for his ability, integrity, and popularity among his neighbors, than this: That while he is a Republican, his district has a large Democratic majority.

submitted by Carolyn Feroben

Source: Biographical and Historical Sketches, History of Merced County, published 1881

February 25, 2000

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