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 Benton Mills April 28, 1900 Mariposa Gazette contributed by William Disbro

     Benton Mills got its name from the wife of General Fremont, whose
maiden name was Jessie BENTON. This place is situated on the Merced
River on the road between Bear Valley and Coulterville. It is surrounded
on all sides by high mountains that lend a sublime and beautiful
environment to the place. This was at one time the largest quartz mill
in the state. For a while over one hundred stamps were falling. A large
tunnel was run from the mill to the tap the Josephine and Pine Tree
mines, over thirty-eight hundred feet were run when the mines closed
down. About thirteen hundred feet more will be necessary to strike the
ledges and if the mines prove valuable this no doubt will be done and
Benton Mills will again be the principle place on the Grant. Quinn and
Bagby are just across the river from the old dilapidated mill that looks
as if the Oregon had turned her battery of thirteen inch guns loose on
it. A fine bridge spans the river at this point, in a single span. Under
the bridge Quinn and Bagby are building some elegant bath houses. A
finer swimming and bathing place could not be found, fine bathing suits
will be procured and people will will not have to go to the coast to
enjoy the delights of bathing. A fine row boat has been recently been
launched and a more pleasant place for a Sunday picnic could not be
found. Speaking of picnics, as we are now in the middle of the picnic
season, here at Benton Mills is the best place in the county for a large
gathering of people. About one-half mile above the mill is a grove of
oaks  that is simply perfect for a picnic outing. Lending to its is a
fine road cut out of the rock on the steep hillside just above the
river. This road continues up the river about two and one-half miles and
for romantic picnickers rivals any flowery maze on earth. Just across
the river from the picnic grounds rises a high mountain dark and
frowning. With such surroundings it is worth any ones time to
      This is a point where all can come without much inconvenience. It
is a place where people can come from Mariposa, Hornitos, and Bear
Valley and meet Coulterville friends, where the old can talk over olden
days and the young weave friendships an perhaps stronger attachments,
where all can have a good time and pass a day that will make them nearer
in the future. When the free wagon road comes up the river this will be
a central point. When the rich mines that surround this locality
commence operations it will grow into a town and shed lustre even on the
name of Benton.


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