MARIPOSA COUNTY  BOOK  A   1873 through 1904
This database researched by Steve Miller-
 The pre 1905 Death Index for Mariposa County was transcribed by Steve
 Miller on February 15, 2002, directly from Vol. A Death Records (1873 thru
 1905).  This book is held in the Recorders Office in the Mariposa Hall of
 Records Building and is not generally available to the general public due
 to it fragility.  Vol. A is indexed in a consolidated Death Index (1873 to
 current date) which is available to the public, from which the researcher
 can find his or her subject and then request a photocopy from the
 microfische.  These copies are returned to the clerk to be
 destroyed,  Mariposa County does not permit removal of these copies.  For a
 fee of $11.00, they will transcribe a certified death certificate,
 (These are not the original or exact duplicates).

 Vol. A Death Index contains all the information shown below, in row and
 column format.  As with all transcriptions, errors in spelling and dates
 can occur and the only real proof  is the certified death certificate.

Date of Death    Surname First Middle          Race         Yrs Mo Days   Sex   Nativity   Misc

1875 Jan 24       Alsanson (infant)                  white                          1    F     CA

1874 Feb 15        Beale    William                    white         50yrs              M    England
1873 Jan'31        Bojorques Jose                 Mexican       35yrs               M    Mexico

1874 July 9        Carlow James H.                white           52yrs               M    Maine   miner
1874 June 2       Castillo Criselda                Mexican       35yrs               F     CA
1874 June 3       Collins Samuel                   negro           72yrs               M    Ohio  widwr res.20yr
1874 Sept 9       Cornett (inf. of Hiram W.) white                        5mo     M    CA  died at Lovejoys
1874 June 23     Cresmond H. F.                  white           52yrs               M     VA  single, miner

1875 Jan 14       Daut Eliza                          white         5yrs 3mo 6dys    F    CA in town Mariposa
1875 Jan 12       Daut Frederick                   white         3yrs 1mo 6dys   M    CA in town Mariposa
1873 Sept 27      Davis William A.               colored      50yrs                  M    MD  married

1874 Aug 7       Francis Mrs. Charles            black        65yrs                   F     so. state married

1876 April         Garber Mary autMary         white          2yrs                    F    Mariposa, CA
1874 March 31  Givens Catherine                 white         69yrs                   F     widow
1873 May 1       Gordon Mary autMary        white                2mos 24dys  F    CA born Mariposa, 1873 May 26     Green William Henry           white          52yrs                  M   Prussia single/ Santa

1874 May 9      Hernandez Inguacio              white          40yrs                 M   Chilie
1874 March 9   Herrin Saml Porter                white          40yrs                M    TN sgle, Lewis Rnch
1874 Dec 11     Higman Robert William        white           5yrs                  M    CA died in Mariposa

1873 Nov 7      Jones Nathan                         white           13yrs                 M   CA (Mariposa Co.)

1873 Jan 31      Ludecher Mary                      white          18yrs                 F      US single

1874 Aug 12    McCready J. R.                      white           44 yrs                F    Norway married
1873 June 4    McDonald Frank                     Irish            63yrs                 M   Ireland
1873 Nov 3     McIntosh George                    white           43yrs                 M   Conn. died in
                                                                                                                            Co Hosp

1873 Feb 23    Maraga Jose                           Chillienn      35yrs                M   Chile
1873 Feb 9      Medina Feofila                       Mexican       10yrs  1day       F    CA going to school
1873 Apr        Mendosee John                       Mexican       34yrs                M   Sonora
1874 June 8    Miller Mrs. Anna                     white           44yrs                F    Norway married

1876 May 12   Nichols Thomas                      white           31yrs                M
1873 Jan 11     Noke Cham                      mongolian         40yrs                F     China single

1873 May 2     O'Brien James                                            43yrs              M  Ireland single rancher

1873 Jan 3      Phillips John                       white        6yrs 11mos 14days    M   CA

1873 May 29   Rehn Jacob                        German           68yrs                  M   Germany single

1873 March    Schanz Frank                      white              30yrs                   M   Prussia single
1873 Jan 23   Smith Mrs. Sarah                 white              28yrs                   F    England married

1873 Jan 8     Vashe Margaret                   German      20yrs 11mo  21dys    F   Germany married
1873 Feb 10   Vicara Joseph                      Portugese   (no age given)           M  Portugal dairyman

1874 Aug 8    Washburn D.  W.                 white         53yrs                          M   VT single died
                                                                                                                             County Hospital
April 18, 2002
updated April 22, 2002