Muster Roll of a volunteer Battalion under the command of James D. SAVAGE, mustered into the service of the State of California by James BURNEY, Sheriff of Mariposa, pursuant to an order from his excellency, the Governor of the State of California, bearing date January 24, 1851 .

Here is the obituary of the Captain taken from the Mariposa Gazette, June 17,

Tuesday evening, June 17, 1864 of Consumption, Capt. John Boling, aged 43
years. The old pioneers have been gradually passing away until but few of those
who settled here in early times are remaining. Captain boling was one of the first
who settled in Mariposa County. He was a native of Tennessee, and about 41
years of age(?). He has been identified with the organization of this county more or
less since its organization. In the Indian wars of '50 and '51 he commanded a
company which he led in many skirmishes with the Indians, finally driving them into
their mountain retreat, Yo Semite Valley. He and his company were the accidental
discoverers of the Valley, and the first white men who ever gazed upon its
indescribable beauties. He was afterwards sheriff of this county. As a man, he was
gold (good?), honorable and independent, and possessed those peculiar traits that
indicated at once his fearlessness and his high sense of humor. He leaves a wife
and children in Nevada Territory, where he expected to join them this month, and
many friends in this part of the State will long remember him, and lament his early
demise. =========================

Listed alphabetically by name, rank, company and place of origin, if known.

     ADAMS, Edward S., 2nd Cpl., Co.B
     ALDRICH, Julius, Pvt., Co.A - MA
     ALLEN, Joseph, Pvt., Co.B
     ANDERSON, Phillip, Pvt., Co.B
     BACHMAN, B.F., Pvt., Co.C - PA
     BARRETT, Joseph, Pvt., Co. A - NY
     BARROW,Julian, Pvt., Co.C - France
     BELL, George, Pvt., Co. A - MA
     BERDON, Joseph S., Pvt., Co.B
     BISHOP, S.A., 1st Sgt., Co.C - MO
     BLACK, John C., Pvt., Co.B BLACK, Norman, Pvt., Co. B
     BLAKEY, Everett C., Pvt., Co.B
     BLANCHARD, Aaron, Pvt., Co. A - VT
     BRADLY,Thomas N., Pvt., Co. B
     BRISON, James, Pvt., Co. A - MA
     BROOKS, Israel H., 3rd Cpl., Co.B
     BROWN, Wm. P., Pvt., Co.B
     BRUNDIDGE, V.D., Pvt., Co. A - NY
     BRUNSTON[BRONSON], A., Sergeant[Surgeon?]
     BURGESS, Joseph, Pvt., Co.A - NY
     BURNHAM, H., Pvt. BURNELL[BUNNELL], Lafayette, Pvt., Co.B
     BURRY, E.J., Pvt., Co.C - England
     CAMERON, Alexander M., 3rd Sgt., Co.B.
     CANFIELD, C.T., Pvt., Co.C - NY
     CARSON, William, 3rd Cpl., Co.C - VA
     CHAMBERS, James H., Pvt., Co.B
     CHANDELERA, _____. Pvt., Co.C - NM
     CHANDLER,Reuben T.,1st Lt., Co. B
     CHASE, George, Pvt., Co.B
     CHEOILES, Henry, Pvt., Co.A - NY
     CLARK, Francis B., Pvt., Co. B.- replaced 3/20 by R.McKEE
     COY, J., Pvt., Co. C - CA
     COY, Mathew, Pvt., Co.C - CA
     CRENSHAW, George H., Pvt., Co. B
     CRENSHAW, Wm.A., Pvt., Co.B
     CRIPER, Henry, Pvt., Co. A - MO
     CROOKSHANK, Wm.T., Pvt., Co. A - NY
     DAVIS, Walter L., Pvt., Co. A - Jamestown, U.C.
     DAVIS, WM. H., Pvt.,Co.B
     DILL, William, Capt., Co.C - TX
     DRAPER, William, Pvt., Co.C - MO
     DRINKWATER, Nelson, Pvt., Co.B
     DUDLEY, Wm., Pvt., Co. A - NY
     DURLLE, R.G., 4th Sgt., Co.C - NY
     ECLESTON[ECCLESTON], Robert, Pvt., Co.C - NY
     EDMUNSON, John C., Pvt., Co.B
     ELLIS, John, Pvt., Co.A - MA
     FAIRCHILDS, John, Pvt., Co.B
     FEARON, Samuel, Pvt., Co.A. - NY
     FERMON, Edward, Pvt., Co.B
     FERRELL, Hugh W., 1st Lt., Co.C - SC
     FIFER, M.W., Pvt., Co.C - NY
     FISHER, Wm.P., Pvt, Co.B
     FLANEGAN, Patrick, Pvt., Co. B
     FLETCHER, Crawford, 2nd Brevet, Co.C - MS
     FOLSOME, Daniel, Pvt.,Co. A - MA
     FOLSOME, Joseph B., Pvt., Co. B
     FORD, George M., Pvt., Co.B
     FREEMAN,Wm.F. ,Pvt., Co.A - MA
     FRENCH, Clent, Pvt., Co. A - NY
     FULTON, Francis, Pvt., Co. A
     GIDIAN, Wm., Pvt., Co.A - PA
     GILBERT,Thomas J., 2nd Lt., Co.B
     GODKIN,Thomas, Pvt., Co.C - NY
     GORDON, Ennis B., 2nd Sgt., Co.B
     GOSMER, Joseph, Pvt., Co .A - MO
     GRAHAM, Jesse J., Pvt., Co.B - A.D.FIREBALL(FIREBAUGH0 subs 3/10.
     GRAY, Augustus A., Pvt., Co.B
     GRAY, J.F. - Pvt., Co.C - MO
     GRAY, James, 1st Cpl. - Co. B
     GREEN, Wm., Pvt., Co .A - RI
     HALE, Johnson B., Pvt., Co.B
     HALL, Robert L., Pvt., Co.B - Time served out by P. HUSSERY
     HANCOCK, Thomas J., 2nd Brevet, Co.B
     HART, James W., Pvt., Co.C - MO
     HAWKINS, John J.,.1st Sgt., Co. B
     HAYES, Wm.H., Pvt., Co.B
     HAYLIX[HAILOR?], Vincent, Guide
     HAZELRIG, Charles, Pvt., Co.A. - IA
     HECTOR, M. Forbz, Ord. Sgt., Co.A - CA
     HERMAN, John, Pvt., Co. A - PA
     HILL, Pembleton, Pvt., Co. B - replaced by G.W. CAMRON
     HILL, R.E., Pvt., Co. A - Australia
     HILL, Richard, Pvt., Co A.- Australia
     HODGSON, John, Pvt., Co.C -England
     HOUGHTON, Edward W., Pvt., Co.B
     HOWARD, Wm.H., Pvt., Co. B
     HUCHETT, A.C., Pvt., Co.C - France
     HUFFMAN, Henry A., Pvt., Co .A - OH
     HUGH, Martin, Pvt., Co. A - NJ
     HUNT, John L., Pvt., Co.B
     HUNTER, Bob, Pvt., Co. A - TX
     HUNTER, William C., Pvt., Co. A - MO
     ISHAM, Claburn, Pvt., Co. A - TX
     JAMES, John, Pvt., Co. A - LA
     JOHN, A., Pvt., Co. C - France
     JONES, J.W., Pvt., Co.C - England
     KENNY, Thomas B., Pvt., Co.C -VA
     KERNEY, James, Pvt., Co. B
     KERR, John C., Pvt., Co. B
     KIRKPATRICK, I., 2nd Cpl., Co.C - IL
     KUYKENDALL[KERKENDOLL], John I., Capt., Co. A -TX
     LAUMIESTER[LOREMCEISTER], Francis, QuarterM. & Commissary[Asst..??]
     LEACH, Lewis(Dr.), Pvt.,Co. A - MO
     LEANDER, Joseph, Pvt., Co.A - NY
     LEE, H., 1st Cpl., Co. C - NY
     LENDRUM, George, Pvt., Co. B
     LEWIS, Henry D., Pvt., Co. C - MO
     LEWIS, M.B., Adjutant
     LEWIS, Samuel H., Pvt., Co.A - TX
     LLOYD, George W., Pvt., Co. B
     LONG,Thomas A., Pvt., Co. C - MO
     LOWRING, James, Pvt., Co. B - Time served out by Clint FRENCH
     LOYD, Sim M., Pvt., Co. A - TX
     LUKER, Wm., Pvt., Co. A
     LUSTOR, Sterling H., Pvt., Co. B
     LYLES, Isaac, Pvt., Co. B
     MALLARD, Charles W. Pvt., Co B - Time served out by Joseph; YOUNG
     MARVIN, J.G. Quartermaster & Commissary[????]
     McCLOUD, Wm., Pvt, Co. A
     McEWING, Felix, Pvt., Co. C - MO
     McFADDEN, O.P., Pvt., Co.A - TX
     McGARRAH, James, Pvt., Co.B
     McGATHY, James C., Pvt., Co. C - IL
     McGATHY, James S.,Pvt., Co.C - IL
     McKENNEY, Andrew,Pvt.,Co. B
     McKENNEY, James, Pvt., Co. B
     McKENZIE, David, Pvt., Co. A - TX
     McKEY, Thomas, Pvt., Co .A - LA
     McSLAY, Andrew, Pvt., Co.A - TX
     McVICKER, Henry, Pvt., Co .C - PA
     MILHOUSE, Gustavis, Pvt., Co..A - CA
     MILLER, John I., Pvt., Co. B
     MILLER, R.F., Pvt., Co. A - TX
     MORRIS, Thomas, Pvt., Co. B
     MYERS, Charles, Pvt., Co.A - NJ
     NOLIN, Joseph, Pvt., Co. B
     O'DONEL, Joseph, Pvt., Co. A - CA
     O'NEILL, John, Pvt., Co.B
     PARKINSON, John, Pvt., Co. C - NY
     PATE, Francis, Pvt., Co. C - TX
     PEIRPONT, Daniel L., Pvt., Co.B
     PERRY, Willis C., Pvt., Co. B
     PETCHFORD, Washington, Pvt., Co.A - MS
     PILKINGTON, Mathew, Pvt., Co.A - NY
     POITTESIN, Arista, Pvt., Co. C - France
     POTTER, James W., Pvt., Co. A - ME
     PRATHER, George, Pvt., Co C - MO
     PUPLES, A.H., Pvt., Co.A - LA
     RAIL, Edmond, Pvt., Co. C - MO
     RAINBOLT, Peter A., Pvt., Co. B
     RANDOLPH, Wm.F., Pvt., Co C - VA
     RANKIN, John I., Pvt., Co. B
     REYNOLDS, I.S., 4TH Cpl., Co.C. - NY
     RHEEM, Charles W., Pvt., Co.A - PA
     RILEY, John , Pvt., Co. A - MS
     ROANE, James H., 4th Cpl., Co. B
     ROBERTSON, W.W., Pvt., Co.A - TX
     RODGERS, Charles A., Pvt., Co. C - MO
     RODGERS, Thomas T., 2nd Lt., Co. A - TX
     ROUNDTREE, Wm. A., Pvt., Co. B
     RUSSELL, F.W., 2nd[3rd] Lt., Co. C - MO
     RUSSELL[RUSSEL], Robert E., .Sgt.- Major
     SAUCER, Ferdinand, Pvt., Co.C - France
     SAVAGE, James D. - Major
     SCOTT, John I., 1st Lt., Co. A - AL
     SELAR, John, Pvt., Co.A - MS
     SEYBOLA, Conrad, Pvt., Co.A - TX
     SHAW, John B., Pvt., Co.B
     SHEPHERD, Joselph, Pvt., Co. B (Feb. 10th)
     SIMEON, Augustus, Pvt., Co. C - France
     SIMS, Parris, Pvt., Co. C - MO
     SLAUGHTER, Edward J., Pvt., Co. B
     SLAVIN, Charles S., Pvt., Co. C - VA
     SMALL, Wm.B., Pvt., Co.A - MA
     SMITH, Elisha M., 2nd Brevet, Co. A - NY
     SMITH, Hyram, ZPvt., Co. A - NY
     SMITH, James, Pvt., Co. C - NY
     SOTO, Jose, Pvt., Co. C - MO
     SPENCER, Champion, Pvt., Co. B
     STARKEY, Jesse S. Pvt., Co. B
     STEVENS, Elbert C., Pvt., Co. C -Collinville City
     STILL, Vendell, Pvt., Co. A - LA
     STONE, John E., Pvt., Co. A - KY
     STONE, Samuel S., Pvt., Co. A - MO
     STONE, Thomas H., Pvt., Co. B
     STRACY, Alpha H., Pvt., Co. B S
     UTTON, John D., Pvt., Co.A - OH
     TALBOTT, Thomas J., Pvt., Co. C - MO
     TANNIHILL, Benjamin H., 4th Sgt. - Co. B
     TAYLOR, George, 2nd Sgt., Co. C - VA
     THOMAS, Issac P., Pvt., Co. A - Dallas,TX[:-))]
     THOMPSON, Robert H., Pvt., Co. B
     VALENTINE, Charles T., Pvt., Co C - MS
     VARNEY, George, Pvt., Co. C - MO
     WESTCOTT,Varnum, Pvt., Co. A - NY
     WILSON, Robert, Pvt., Co. A - LA
     WILSON,Theodore, Quartermaster Sergeant
     WINFIELD, Charles R., Pvt., Co. C - MO
     WINGFIELD, A.A., 3rd. Sgt., Co.C - MO
     WINTERS, John D., Pvt., Co. C - PA
     WRIGHT, Wm., Pvt, Co. A - IL
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