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Transcribed from the Mariposa Co Coroner’s Register, earliest entries 1903 up thru 1905.  They do not give death
dates, but it is my experience that a coroners inquest was held almost with in hours of the discovery of a body.

page # Name   Date of Inquest Physical description  Notes
    Cause of Death         Nationality

1 M. E. NEWMAN                      Jan 16,1903 male/white/43yrs old
    apoplexy,hemmorage of brain   California

2 Silas B. MOSE(MOSS)            Apr 8,1903 male/white/abt 65yrs old  -----------

3 Eurelie TREICHEL                   June 6, 1903 female/white/abt40yrs old
    heart failure     Germany

4 Allen Bone CARRELL             Jul 21, 1903 male/white/abt 39yrs old    $14.25 in pocket applied
 to coroners fees  gun shot wound     Arkansas

5 Clarence McCANN                      Aug 27, 1903 male/white/15yrs old
    strychnine poison     California

6 Leonard HEINHOLDT              Oct 16, 1903 male/white/abt 62yrs old  $ pocket turned
 over to Co Treasurer natural causes     Germany

7 Paul Francis HERATTY          Dec 16, 1903 male/white/abt 30yrs old
    suicide      unknown

8 INDIAN TOM                      Jan 3, 1904 male/Indian/abt45yrs old
    natural causes     California

8 Richard THOMAS                Dec 29, 1904 male/white/55yrs old
    suicide, self inflicted gun wound to head  Cornwall, England
    compilcated with infection

9 George DEWEY                  May 31, 1904  male/white/38yrs old
    gun shot wound     Wisconsin

10 Alexander HILL                 Jan 9, 1904 male/white/55yrs old  $4.20 turned in to Co
Treasurer  natural causes     Mass. ??

10 Leroy HAGERTY             Oct 19, 1904 male/white/48yrs old
    natural causes     Ohio

page # Name   Date of Inquest Physical description     Notes
    Cause of Death         Nationality

11 Charles ARDOHAIU                Feb 28, 1904 male/white/86yrs old
    Accidental drowning    France

12 Ephram L IMUSICK               May 24, 1904 male/white/80
    suicide      Mass. ??

13  George L DULCICH            Jul 21, 1904 male/white/32yrs old
    gun shot      Austria

14 William M FERGUSON         Oct 26, 1904 male/white/39yrs old
    electricity     Illinois

14 Ah FUNG                              Jul 16, 1903 chinaman/abt80yrs old
    natural causes     China

14 John R. FOSTER                    Dec 17, 1905 male/white/45yrs old
    powder explosion     unknown

15 Alexander R. CIELHO             Oct 27, 1904 male/white/60yrs old
 alias LECHAUDER  natural causes     Portugal

16 George SCHLEUSEN no date      watch chain sold
 money turned over to ----------------     ----------------------
 Co. Treasurer

17 Kenny WILLIAM                  Mar 27, 1905 male/white/45yrs
    accident      unknown

17  Peter KESSLER                   Aug 19,1905 male/white/43yrs
    accident in Princeton Mine   Iowa ??

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